Education Construction Documentation Services

Increase transparency and accountability across school facilities and your campus projects. Primary and higher education construction projects have many stakeholders and can easily get delayed and run over budget. Rapture Global empowers off-site development teams to take virtual walkthroughs across all their job sites using education construction documentation. Verify change orders, append updates for on-site teams, and increase draw oversight via construction monitoring software. Make sure every academic facility you build meets the quality it takes to last for generations. 

Rapture Global’s education construction documentation platform provides education construction builders the ability to track quality through all phases of construction. Visual construction documentation helps you resolve issues, respond to RFIs, and increase collaboration with on-site teams. You build for generations of students, and your construction documentation data should be with you for just as long. Go back and view construction photo documentation from every phase of your project. Verify and reconcile change orders today and troubleshoot issues tomorrow to speed up repair projects and future enhancements. Educational facilities management has never been easier with the ability to look behind walls, spot MEP, and avoid destructive verification.