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Elevate Your Construction Projects with 3D Scanning

At Rapture Scanning, we specialize in the meticulous creation of virtual 3D models for the construction industry, providing invaluable assistance to builders in the management of their job sites. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to perform comprehensive scans of properties before the installation of drywall and insulation, effectively rendering an ‘x-ray vision’ of the home’s interior. This means that you and your homeowners gain unparalleled insight into the precise location of all structural components, wiring, and utility boxes concealed within the walls.

Moreover, our sophisticated built-in measurement tool offers an essential advantage to electricians and contractors. With rapid precision, it enables them to pinpoint and navigate hidden wires, junctions, and electrical boxes with utmost accuracy. This level of detail not only enhances safety but also significantly streamlines the construction process, ensuring that your projects are completed with unparalleled efficiency and quality.


Efficiency, Precision, and Transparency for Home Builders

Enhanced Project Management

Our 3D scanning services provide builders with a powerful tool to efficiently manage custom home construction projects. By scanning homes before the installation of drywall and insulation, builders gain a comprehensive view of the property's interior. This invaluable insight ensures better planning, coordination, and problem-solving throughout the construction process.

Optimized Electrical Planning

Your built-in measurement tool enables electricians to work with unmatched precision. They can quickly and accurately locate hidden wires, boxes, and conduits within the walls, eliminating the guesswork and potential for costly mistakes. This results in safer installations, reduced rework, and more efficient electrical planning. Saving you time and money.

Increased Transparency

Builders and homeowners both benefit from the increased transparency your services offer. Like an "x-ray" of the home, your 3D models reveal the precise locations of all internal components, from wiring to plumbing. This transparency fosters open communication and trust between builders and homeowners, reducing misunderstandings and change orders.

Time and Cost Savings

Your services contribute to significant time and cost savings throughout the construction process. Builders can streamline workflows, reduce errors, and enhance productivity by having a clear, 3D representation of the property's interior. Fewer delays, revisions, and unexpected challenges lead to faster project completion and ultimately lower overall construction costs.


See Our 3D Scanning in Action.


Sqft Time – Hours (Approximate) Price
0-3,999 1.5 $400
4,000-4,999 2.5 $500
5,000-5,999 2.5 $600
6,000-6,999 3.5 $725
7,000-7,999 3.5 $825
8,000-10,999 4.5 $925

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