UAV & Drones

UAV & Drone Services Charleston, SC

Rapture Global has FAA licensed pilots to aid in aerial video, building surveys, property surveys, and photogrammetry services. Learn how professional construction drones deliver the actionable project intelligence your team needs.

We offer safe, accurate and cost-effective data collection, ensuring positional accuracy in vast, dangerous or hard to reach areas. We have extensive experience with and knowledge of drones. We work closely with our clients to harness the power of these unmanned aircraft systems for their specific needs and applications.

Applications for Drone Services

Rapture Global construction drone services are ideal for:

  • Site Planning and Progress Tracking
  • Conducting Aerial Site Surveys
  • Tracking Equipment and Measuring Volume
  • QA/QC and Inspection
  • Site Mapping
  • Creating Memorable Marketing Deliverables

All UAV-captured photos, videos, and panoramas are uploaded into our intuitive cloud-based platform for anytime access by an unlimited number of project team members.

We’ve Got You Covered

With the rapid rise of the drone industry, the amount of businesses entering the marketplace and offering aerial drone services has increased exponentially. Much more goes into operating a professional, high-quality, safety-conscious drone than simply purchasing and flying one. We take great pride in offering aerial drone services for our clients.

Rapture is a trusted provider of UAV & Drone Services in Charleston, South Carolina, using state-of-the-art equipment, software and processes.

Our experienced technicians use survey-grade laser scanners to capture exact dimensions and measurements of your project site with an accuracy of 2-4mm.

Many companies across Charleston, SC choose Rapture Global as their partner for UAV & Drone Services. We work closely with our clients to deliver cost-effective solutions on time and on budget. If you are interested in learning more about UAV & Drone Services, give us a call today at 1-800-RAPTURE or fill out our online form to reach us.